DOCUpics is mobile, functional and easy photo-documentation.

Document work digitally live and on-site, using gps -
and date & time info - quick, easily and secure.

DOCUpics application on an iPad

Document work digitally live and on-site, using gps -
and date & time info - quick, easily and secure.

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Simplify your Quality Assurance in your workflow and optimise your cash-flow and revenue.

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Use forms, customised for your organisation projects and requirements. Automatically synchronise submitted documentation with the DOCUpics cloud.

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Fast and consistent documentation of information from the field solidifies your billing information. Integrate the documentation in your company IT systems.

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Customise DOCUpics to your documentation requirements; deviation reports, identification and resolving supplementary tasks, - DOCUpics enables any requirements.

How does a DOCUpics solution work?

drag and drop

Customise a form to any requirements

A DOCUpics form can handle anything from photographs, select-boxes, text, barcodes, etc. Unrestricted layout, size or number of fields.

Approve and share to any employees, added as authorised DOCUpics users.

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Identification and Documentation

Authorised users can input documentation data according to attached instructions to forms. Simple form handling functionality ensures consistent and complete documentation.

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Documentation data creates a comprehensive report file, that can be used to document current status, work done, ISO-standards or integrate in complex workflows.

Who will benefit from DOCUpics?

DOCUpics will help digitisation and optimise any documentation workflow in almost every company and organisation across industries. Our documentation tool is agile and easily adapted to any requirements, internal or external your organisation and will help any who needs professional and structured documentation. Please get in touch for an informal demonstration of how DOCUpics can help you make your workflow easier and simpler. The sky is the limit!

Current industries, where DOCUpics are handling documentation:

Construction and contractors
Vacation houses and tourism
Real-estate & building administration
Heavy equipment

Select a video and see how DOCUpics is used to resolve tasks in the field:

About DOCUpics

DOCUpics is a bottom-line and solution oriented company with years of experience in digital projects, applied business development and analysis.

Our focus is set on creating opportunities that boosts growth and optimises processes.

Our team creates dynamic solutions targeted a long list of industries. Together with out clients, we are always prepared to challenge the status quo for the better.

Our purpose is to ensure the best way for our clients to convert digitisation obstacles and problems into possibilities and opportunities. Our dynamic solutions ensures progress, minimises human errors and stimulates growth.

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